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Recognizing and Preventing Cancer
By Michael Russell

Most people claim that we are making giant steps towards winning the war on cancer. However, 40 years ago, one in every five individuals would develop cancer. Nowadays the odds aren't getting better. Today the chance of somebody developing any form of cancer is one in three.

While some cancers are deadlier than others, it is important to note that all cancers are extremely serious and require close medical care and supervision. This article will only discuss cancer in general. A detailed description of each kind of cancer can be found on numerous web sites and medical books for closer inspection and understanding.

Cancer can mean a lot of things to many people but medically, cancer it self pertains to a condition where are cells produce rapidly on an area of the body for no logical reason. This rapid growth in cells results in a mass which we call a tumor. A tumor can be benign or malignant; if it is benign, it can be removed by a simple surgery, but if it is malignant, the uncontrolled cell growth can overwhelm the body's normal defensive system and can often lead to death.

Recognizing cancer in its early stages can be tricky but the normal signs include the following:

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