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Factory Farming, Modern Meat Hormones, Cervical Cancer And A Small Penis
By Robin Derry

Everyone has heard the expression "you are what you eat". However, in our drug-and-technology industrial food economy based on factory farming "protein" such as chicken, lamb and beef or even fish, you may discover that you're slightly more than simply what you eat these days. Other "stuff" may be happening.

When a guy's voice begins to migrate towards falsetto and wee breasts begin to form, you want to be asking "what's going on here"? When couples struggle to get pregnant...when a field mouse makes more morphologically sound sperm cells than an adult human male...when 2nd and 3rd generation women develop higher rates of miscarriage and cervical cancer...when infant boys show atrophied and un-descended testicles and undersized penis, then it's time to look to what's inside our food chain such as the slough of man-made estrogens like DES or diethylstilbestrol and growth stimulants used to trick Mother Nature.

Where's The Meat? Getting consistent quality cheap meat seems a basic right to Americans. Once grass land feeding proved inferior to mass-produced feedlot cattle, delivering beef to the American dinner table would never be the same. Bringing tens of thousands of cattle into a confined space, limiting movement, keeping them indoors standing up to their knees in muck and waste meant introducing heaps of antibiotics in order to control disease and keep the cattle alive until slaughtering time.

It also meant working out chemical "tricks" to stimulate growth, such as using heavy dosages of female hormone compounds delivered to one and all cattle!

Meat Hormone History - Feeding America Scientifically. Initially, DES or diethylstilbestrol was synthesized in the late 1930s. A University of California poultry researcher discovered after a test that DES produced a curious, if not outright profound effect in male chickens. Treated males were instantly chemically castrated, changing into capons, exhibiting pronounced and juicy breast meat after their diethylstilbestrol injections! Plus, animals could be brought to the slaughterhouse and market significantly quicker...which meant lowered costs and increasing profits!

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