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If the spread of the cancer has reached several parts of the cervix and uterus, radical trachelectomy might be the treatment alternative. This involves removal of the cervix and the lower part of the uterus with several lymph nodes in the pelvis that might have been infected. This treatment option is intended to preserve fertility.

However, in the worst cases of cervical cancer where the cancer has spread outside the uterus, radical hysterectomy is the only option. This involves removing the cervix and uterus completely, the ovaries, part of the vagina and lymph nodes in the region. This is a very radical treatment and often the last alternative when the cancer has got out of hand. Because of the hormonal value of the ovaries, removal of the ovaries often has serious health implications for the woman. Paying attention to your body, especially the cervix, regular Pap smear testing and a healthy lifestyle is all you need to ensure that you never suffer such a consequence.

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