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So, prevention and early detection very important with cervical cancer. Some medical reports say there is now a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. The vaccine is said to come in three shots and when taken in series, it is believed to be totally capable of preventing cervical cancer by raising the body's immunity against the HPV. However, the vaccine must be taken before girls become sexually active for it to work optimally. You and I know that the best form of treatment is prevention, if you have daughters, sisters or friends that are still under sexual age, helping them get this vaccine would be the best help you can render to them. Ask your medical practitioners for more information about the vaccine.

In the early stages of development cervical cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy or radiation or sometimes, a combination of the two. Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs that enter the bloodstream. These contain chemical substances that can locate and destroy cancerous cells, without harming the normal cells of the body. Though these drugs come with some adverse effects, but the body can get over these after treatment has been completed. Radiation involves the use of powerful electromagnetic waves to shrink the tumor, killing the cancerous cells in the process. During the process, other organs of the body are protected from the radiation.

However, in advanced stages of cervical cancer, surgery is usually the only alternative. Depending on how far the cancer has spread, treatment may require partial removal of the cervix and uterus, known as partial hysterectomy. This spare the ovaries and other parts of the female genitalia.

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